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published 2022 Amazon Books

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When Bhagwan first spoke to me in person
forty-six years ago, 
he said
"You belong to the stars. 

That is your destiny."

I was overwhelmed at the time
and excited by the prospect.
Of course I did not really understand his message,
but I nevertheless felt that it was so,
or wanted it to be so.
And now it has become so."

And that is our overriding message
in this book for you.
You belong to the stars.



Letters to the Beloved

publised 2022 byAmazon Books

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I have never been sure what love means

but if it is measured by delight in your company
ecstasy and tenderness in making love
and longing for you when I am away from you

then I love you more deeply
than any woman I have known


If you can dream
and let your dreams possess you

If you can feel
and let your feelings show

If you are not afraid to vent your anger

or fall in love
and manage to let go


If you can weep

and let your tears enfold you 

If you can bleed for love
and let it flow 

If you can speak
with strength and understanding 

what only those in silence
ever know


in the arms of the night
you hold me

in the songs of the stars
you sing to me

you kiss me

with the gentle breeze

and wrap your cloak of velvet
 round my shoulders

in the silent darkness

o beloved

clothe me in your colours

bathe me 
in the stream
of your delight


i reach for you

you do not take my hand
but point to my own fingers

i look into your eyes

you close them gently
saying silently

your eyes are also clear

i sit beside you

longing to come closer 

you move aside
reminding me

that i can be the moon
for which i long

again, again

you whisper it

again, again
 i miss you

in your face,
your name
your form

but you have long since disappeared

and only memory

can tell me

that you once were there

only when i reach for you
i feel alone

i am at home


you have set me free, beloved
to roam this world alone

to be whatever i would be

not asking anyone

the love that showers
on the flowers
is showering on me

and i feel the heartbeat
of the earth

in the mountains
and the trees 

the journey now is over
and all the work is done

my heart is full of gladness
as i lie here in the sun

i feel the wind rush through me
and the sand between my feet

and i hear the sounds of children
as they run along the street

i see my mother’s wondering eyes
as she calls me by my name

although she thinks she knows me
i’m no longer just the same 

and my father doesn’t say so
but he knows i’ll soon be gone

to another place, another time
to sing another song

for i’ve been on many journeys
and i’ve travelled many miles

and all i know of love

is when i see someone who smiles

my heart is light and dancing
my spirit sings in joy

i see this little game of life
as nothing but a toy

to play with
 and to savour

until the time has come

to enter into nowhere land
the land beyond the sun

i don't know where i'm going
but i'm never coming back

for the road that leads
to nowhere land

is just a one-way track 

and although there's no direction
and there's nothing left to do 

somehow, something is leading me
into the distant blue

where all is gone forever
and has vanished in the sky

and there’s nothing left

but silence

and the mist that passes by

and there’s nothing left
but silence


The relationship
between a master and disciple
is impossible to describe.

There is no way to transmit
the nature of the experience
to another person.

It is only possible to hint
at the processes that take place.

Those who are interested
in deeper levels of understanding

should be prepared
to face the situations and experiences
they fear,
to take a risk 
and trust someone they love 
during the operation.