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Kissing the Joy as it Flies

I was deeply touched by the poignant outpouring of your love
over thirty spiritually heartfelt years.

This is an epic project
which lays bare your openness and vulnerability
in loving each other so deeply
despite the tremendous obstacles on your path.

 I had decided I might never fall in love again,
but after reading your book, I feel it might be possible.
You have given me hope.

I have just fallen in love after many years of distress,
and I find that every word you write resonates within me,
now that I have found love again. 

I do not feel many people could achieve in a lifetime,
the special love and relationship you have shared.

It is a privilege and an honour to read your book
and to allow us into your world
in such a total uninhibited way.

I can see from your letters,
that you lived in a tantric relationship,
where love became so spiritual,
you experienced the divine.


I believe your book will become very significant for others
long after you are gone.
It will take on a life of its own.


IF – a mother to her daughter

I lost a child who was several months old, and reading your poem
brought back the feeling of loss in a very poignant way.
It meant a lot to me.
I felt you understood what I had been through
and that is the essence of a poet:
being able to stand in someone’s else’s shoes,
as if it was their own experience.

Jennifer Parsons


Your book is wonderful.
What a gift to all women.
It made me cry.
I am going to give a copy to MY mother.

Katherine Dempsey


Song of Love

I was again reading your poetry last night.

Many thanks to you for the experience
and all the heartfelt projection of love.

Hanka Bosich


Journey of a Sannyasin

What a delight to read a joyful personal account
of your experience in the ashram.
Your joy shines through it all – even in the hard times. 

I read Journey of a Sannyasin in the morning in bed when I woke up,
and just had to read it all.
I loved the way you put the various stages of your journey
together with your poems.

Pamela Young

I started reading Journey of a Sannyasin in the evening
and could not put it down until 4.30 in the morning.

Anne Bradfield

I have started reading Journey of a Sannyasin
and am looking forward to completing it.

You have a sincere Sufi-like heart,
and I admire your commitment and tenacity
in completing these volumes.

Alice Winterton

How delightful, how tender and precious
is the relationship with Bhagwan
that you describe in Journey of a Sannyasin. 
I am reminded (once again) of the smells and sounds of India,
the bird calls at night and the ashram garden.

Barbara Hilton


There is a lot of wisdom from your experience.
I’m so glad you are now sharing your writings
with the world at large.

Shelley Sayers


I am impressed by your gift for expression
and the beautiful flow of your words.
I wish I could write like that.

Frederick Palmer


I found your website elegant and easy to use.
I also read your two new books - IF and Journey of a Sannyasin
from cover to cover at two sittings.

It has been a long time since I have read poetry,
and I found the experience of reading yours,
extremely enjoyable and enlightening.
I enjoyed how, in the poem IF,
you covered the multitude of situations

which can be faced in life – in a positive manner.

Michael Manley